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WDDLJ6HB4GA177308|Stock #177308
2016 Mercedes-benz Cls-class |55,395 Miles
Gray Exterior |V6, TT. 3.0LL |Manual Transmission
2016 Mercedes-benz Cls-class , available for sale in Brooklyn, NY
*Disclaimer: We DO NOT wholesale to dealers. All cash buyers must add 3000 to the selling price not including tax or plates. We work with a One Price Sales System, meaning price is not negotiable. Payments advertised are for 750 credit score and up. *Disclaimer for OUT OF STATE BUYERS* If you register the car in NY you are protected by lemon law. If you are an out of state buyer you are not protected by any lemon law and it’s called as is. We do not sell any car as is and that’s the reason we require you to get at-least a power train warranty.

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